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Strong point of TOAMI

TOAMI, as a specialty manufacturer of welded wire mesh including its applied products, special welded wire mesh, has the largest market share of the welded wire mesh.

Strong points of TOAMI are product development capability, quality and delivery time meeting with user needs, superiority of productivity, well-established distribution channel and placement of manufacturing base.

  • Development capabilities of a variety of application products including improvements of construction technique incorporating user needs in advance such as reinforcing bar processed products as well as welded wire mesh for civil and architecture works, and concrete products.
  • Superiority of quality, delivery time, productivity and price competitiveness by streamlined production system from wire rod, drawing, straightening, welding to completion of wire mesh using production facilities developed by TOAMI including automated production technology and special welding technique.
  • Firm distribution channel based on industry leading production scale, quality and price competitiveness.
  • Instant delivery system backed by well-placed manufacturing bases deeply concerned with customers.