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Welded wire mesh

Industry top class production scale

TOAMI’s welded wire mesh was employed for the first time in US military base construction work after the war.

Taking the advantage of shorter construction period and reduction in the amount of steel materials and concrete as compared with conventional construction method, welded wire meshes were used extensively in the civil engineering work of roads and tunnels, construction work for buildings and complex housing in the form of reinforcing material in the civil and architecture works and concrete products.

TOAMI has been proud of production facilities and streamlined production system developed in-house ahead of the industry. Welded wire meshes produced from the factory authorized to affix JIS mark on our products are TOAMI’s strong business foundation.

Welded wire mesh

Welded wire mesh for civil and architecture works

Welded wire mesh is specified as the multi-purpose aggregate for civil and architecture use for dirt floor, wall girder, slab, etc. since with this material, workmanship is simplified, accuracy is improved and construction period is shortened thereby securing strength of the building and reducing the weight.

As special use products, reinforcing bar unit [Happy base] for foundation of housings and [Opening ancillary mesh for crack prevention] are available.

Happy base

Welded wire mesh for concrete products

This wire mesh has excellent strength equivalent to that of welded wire mesh for civil and architecture use. With this wire mesh, construction work is simplified, construction period is shortened, strength of concrete products is improved, and crack occurrence is prevented. This is used as aggregates for concrete products such as U-shaped channel, street gutter and cover for it.

Fixture for U-shaped channel